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Navigating Through "Stuckness" with Flight Levels – A Case Study

The organization is stuck! Teams are spinning. People are leaving. Production quality is costing real money. Customers are unhappy. There is no trust in information from the delivery teams. We need more Agile!

Mike and Rochelle will unpack a real organization's journey (in process) of change, along with how thinking in Flight Levels has been instrumental to igniting improvement culture from within.



Rochelle  Roos
Rochelle Roos 's passion is helping teams and organizations make sense of their reality so that they can work towards creating an environment where they wake up inspired and feel true safety at work. Applying a systems thinking approach to aligning Agile methods at the organizational level while working with clients to build the correct cultural and context-driven practices is what drives her.

Mike Freislich has been working in the Agile space since before becoming a Scrum Master in 2005. He blends methods from Scrum, Kanban, and Flight Levels (and life) together with coaching methods to help people and organizations "shift." "Agile Teams do not an Agile organization make."

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