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Flight Levels Explained to Non-Flight Levels Experts

Flight Levels can help you find out where in an organization you have to do what in order to achieve the results that you want to achieve. This sounds very good and all, but what are they actually?

Flight Levels are a very promising thinking model to help overcome the challenges with the traditional Agile transformation many of us are facing today. However, it is not easy to explain this abstract concept to those who are not familiar with organizational development or those who have not been on the Agile journey. This talk will tell the story of how we explain Flight Levels to our clients who are mostly non-technical and sometimes have minimal Agile experience.



Kulawat Wongsaroj
Kulawat Wongsaroj

Kulawat and Kamon are Agile coaches from Thailand with more than 10 years of unique experiences on Enterprise Agile transformation. They have been helping various enterprises as well as startup programs. They are the key Lean-Kanban evangelists as well as pioneering Flight Levels in Thailand

Kamon  Treetampinij
Kamon Treetampinij

On the community side, Kulawat and Kamon were the lead translators of the Official Agile Manifesto Translation project for the Thai language and also the co-founders of Agile66, the largest Agile community in South East Asia. They are the major contributors of the flagship annual Agile conferences in Thailand, which are Agile Thailand and Agile Tour Bangkok, hosting more than 300 people at each conference for the past 10 consecutive years

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