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Achieving Great Business Outcomes by Focusing on the Operational Structure

Every company has sought to improve its business outcomes with plans designed for its supposed reality, where the change of organizational structure is the main focus. New positions, roles, displacement of people to areas, in short, reorganizing the structure is always the option and some "models," cake recipes, are used for this movement – and when it doesn't work out, it's the company's own fault because the designed plan was not executed correctly as described.

Really understanding how the company works and putting the money in the best place is essential for good business outcomes and the company's growth to really work and focus on the operational structure! In addition to understanding this difference, the speakers will show data before and after using Flight Levels in a communication company and bring a little bit of the future!



Jose JR
Jose JR is a Business and Cultural Change Specialist and Trainer at K21. He has been working for more than 19 years in Brazil and Europe in multicultural environments and teams, working directly in the training and digital transformation of national and international companies. Jose is a pioneer in the concept of Flight Levels in Brazil, being a Flight Levels Guide by the Flight Levels Academy. Around the world, he is helping companies achieve business results through Business Agility and has trained over 3800 students worldwide. Together with Paula Viani, Jose JR translated the book "Rethinking Agile" by Klaus Leopold into Portuguese.

Carlos Dutra
Carlos Dutra is a Scrum Master and Agile Coach at Rede Gazeta and has been working with management in the technology environment in companies across different segments (transport, pharmacy, technologies, and publishers) for more than 15 years. Also, he has worked on agile multidisciplinary team training for the last 6 years. Carlos holds a Master's degree in Operational Research and Computational Intelligence. He is a Product Owner, Advanced Scrum Master certified by Scrum Alliance, and Flight Levels Systems Architecture certified by Flight Level Academy.

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