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Final Review with Rochelle, Julia, Stephan, JR, and Troy

The Flight Levels pioneers and panel hosts Klaus Leopold and Sigi Kaltenecker will be guiding speakers and attendees through the final review. This 30-minute summary session will provide the speakers with the opportunity to reflect on the day together: 

• What have they learned in their discussions with attendees?  
• What new insights have they gained? 
• What are their key takeaways of the conference? 

Attendees are welcome to weigh in with their experiences at the first international Flight Levels Day. 



Klaus Leopold
Klaus Leopold is a computer scientist and Kanban pioneer, has many years of experience as a Lean and Kanban consultant and trainer with approximately 1,000 workshop and training participants per year. He advises global companies on the introduction of Lean and Kanban, the associated change processes and in the optimization of their value creation. Klaus is co-author of the standard work "Kanban in IT" and author of the book "Kanban in Practice". He publishes his current thoughts and experiences in the world of Lean, Kanban and Management on his blog www.LEANability.com. Klaus speaks regularly at renowned Lean and Kanban conferences worldwide.

Sigi  Kaltenecker
Sigi Kaltenecker has been working for many years as an agile organizational consultant for a wide variety of companies (www.loop-beratung.at). The experience he has gained in this work has been used in numerous books such as "Kanban in der IT" or "Selbstorganisierte Teams führen" and recently also in the form of agile crime novels.

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