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Panel of Experts I

Moderated by Siegfried Kaltenecker, this group of Flight Levels specialists will address all of the previous presentations.

Coming from different contexts, Nagesh Sharma (India), Alisa Ströbele (Germany), and John Coleman (UK) will provide for a differentiated discussion – and in doing so also take up reflection impulses from the audience.

Panel Members:

Nagesh Sharma

Nagesh Sharma is a co-founder and CEO, Flight Levels Guide, Professional Scrum Trainer, Professional Kanban Trainer, SPCTc, eduScrum Trainer, and Forbes Coaches Council Member. Nagesh is very passionate about causing change and delivering business results. He has helped many companies in their journey of transformation to a Lean-Agile Enterprise. Nagesh is an active speaker at various international conferences like Scrum Day Europe, Scrum Deutschland, Scrum Day India, Agility Today, Agile NCR, Regional Scrum Gathering, Scrum Master Summit, EduScrum Gathering 2022, and more.

Alisa Ströbele

Alisa Ströbele believes the agility of an organization begins with the willingness of people to embark on the path of evolutionary change. In her work as an organizational transformation coach and trainer, Alisa sets impulses and develops both a common understanding for the tasks to be solved and pragmatic solutions with managers and teams – always with the aim of increasing the value creation and delivery capability of an organization. Alisa has a background in Computer Science, is a Kanban Trainer (AKT), Flight Levels Guide and systemic business coach (DVCT). She is a partner of improuv GmbH.

John Coleman

John Coleman likes to unlock executive agility and authentic sustainable organizational agility. John works with agility in non-software and software and is experienced with the differences. He is Xagility™ podcast host and Agility island podcast host. John co-authored Kanban Guide, and authored Kanplexity™. John is Xagility™ executive agility framework creator. He happens to be a Scrum.org Professional Scrum Trainer, Prokanban.org Professional Kanban Trainer, Large Scale Scrum Friendly Trainer, and unofficial Flight levels practitioner.


Sigi Kaltenecker

Sigi Kaltenecker has been working for many years as an agile organizational consultant for a wide variety of companies (www.loop-beratung.at). The experience he has gained in this work has been used in numerous books such as "Kanban in der IT" or "Selbstorganisierte Teams führen" and recently also in the form of agile crime novels.

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