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Panel of Experts II

Moderated by Klaus Leopold, this group of Flight Levels specialists will address all of the afternoon's presentations.

Coming from different contexts, Regina Martins (South Africa), Jose Casal (Finnland), and Ryan Sylvester (USA) will ensure a differentiated discussion – and also process reflection impulses from the audience.

Panel Members:

Regina Martins

Regina Martins aims for continuous improvement in her personal and professional life and her daily mantra is to be a better version of herself each and every day. She gets energized when she is involved in facilitating teams of all shapes and sizes to steer for better outcomes. She started her career in banking and moved into IT about 20 years ago where she fulfilled many roles before discovering agile ways of working. Her life has not been the same since! For fun, she loves reading spy novels and thrillers, taking random photos of her cats and has been known to indulge in writing a thing or two (nothing published yet …).

Jose Casal

Jose Casal is a business agility consultant and trainer with extensive experience. He is dedicated to helping organizations and individuals embrace modern management concepts including Flow Thinking, Flight Levels, Kanban and Scrum. Strongly motivated towards continuous learning and research, he helps organizations achieve better agility.

Ryan Sylvester

Ryan Sylvester is currently an Agile Coach at Hyland, where he focuses on supporting executives and leaders across the organization to increase business agility. Ryan has more than 13 years experience in IT across a range of leadership roles – consultant, manager, Scrum Master, SAFe Release Train Engineer, coach. He specializes in helping organizations improve and successfully navigate change in large, complex environments to achieve their shared goals.


Klaus Leopold

Klaus Leopold is a computer scientist and Kanban pioneer, has many years of experience as a Lean and Kanban consultant and trainer with approximately 1,000 workshop and training participants per year. He advises global companies on the introduction of Lean and Kanban, the associated change processes and in the optimization of their value creation. Klaus is co-author of the standard work "Kanban in IT" and author of the book "Kanban in Practice". He publishes his current thoughts and experiences in the world of Lean, Kanban and Management on his blog www.LEANability.com. Klaus speaks regularly at renowned Lean and Kanban conferences worldwide.

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