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Managing Dependencies with Flight Levels

We often manage dependencies by discussing team handoffs on an item by item basis. This session explores how to examine process data to explore options to solve the most impactful causes of dependency delays. Flight Levels enables managing dependencies at a higher and more impactful level.



Troy Magennis
Troy Magennis has been involved with technology companies since 1994, fulfilling roles from QA through to VP for multinational companies. Troy speaks at many Agile conferences and has played an Agile training and mentoring role for executives in small and large organizations. Previous clients include: Walmart, Microsoft, Skype, Sabre Airline Solutions, Siemens Healthcare. Troy currently consults and trains organizations wanting to improve decision making on software portfolio and project questions through Agile and Lean thinking and tools. His most recent book is "Forecasting and Simulating Software Development Projects: Effective Modeling of Kanban & Scrum Projects using Monte Carlo Simulation."

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