Flight Levels Introduction with Interactive Simulation of Flight Levels

Thursday, October 6, 3 pm – 7 pm CEST

Participants' voices:
... "hands-on experience"
... "learning in a playful way is motivating"
... "it is great to see Flight Levels in action"
... "experience Flight Levels on all levels"

Whether as a first taste or as a starting point for a journey into the world of Flight Levels – this workshop promises many exciting insights that are applicable immediately. The course will enable participants to generate evolutionary improvement even with small steps and give impulses for possible long-term changes. It will show how to bring strategy into action and how to improve flow to deliver in the way that should be achieved (predictability, quantity, quality, time to market, delivering the right things, and resilience).

Target groups:
  • All those who have an interest in the success of the company, the organizational unit, the product, services, and the value stream
  • Anyone who is tired of infinite dependencies and slow delivery capability
  • Team leaders and managers, executives
  • Agile coaches, flow managers
  • Product managers, portfolio managers
  • All interested parties and those who wish to improve things


  • Beginners and experts alike


  • The basics of the Flight Levels model (the "why" as well as all levels and activities)
  • Live interactive learning with simulation of Flight Levels
  • How to start and what to do for each of the 5 activities
  • Sneak preview on Flight Levels System Architecture and Change


  • Check-in
  • A typical business challenge in the simulation
  • The solution: experience interactively: the Flight Levels model (the "why" as well as all levels)
  • break
  • The 5 activities on each level
  • Connecting strategy to flow
  • break
  • How to connect: Flight Levels System Architecture
  • Sustainable Change - Flight Levels Change
  • Check-out

    Technische Anforderungen

    We will work in the virtual whiteboard Miro and with Zoom for Audio and Video. You don't need to install anything. For Miro we recommend the latest Chrome Brower version. It is also recommended to use an external mouse. If you have an extra monitor or a second device we recommend you to use Miro on one and Zoom on the other so that you always see the video of participants and trainers. We would very much appreciate to see your face (camera turned on).



    Henriette Wienges
    Henriette Wienges is a trained Systemic Personal & Business Coach, a Systemic Organizational Developer and Flight Levels Coach. After studying Political Science and working in the field of PR/PA for different organizations and agencies, she decided to help implement better ways of working within organizations. As Agile Coach, Henriette works in contexts from foundations to governmental organizations to automotive, from Scrum through Kanban to SAFe – combining the methods with organizational development and Flight Levels. She is a trainer for the Flight Levels Introduction Course (FLIN) and the Institute for Systemic Competencies (ISK).

    Kerstin Lerner
    Kerstin Lerner is a Flight Levels Guide at Deutsche Telekom and an independent coach. She has more than 13 years of international experience in a wide variety of Agile roles. Through her coaching and training and as a knowledge catalyst, she helps executives, organizations, and teams to be more successful in business (agility).

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